Wildly successful in 


Wildly successful in


Hi, I’m Julian…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential. What are we truly capable of and how do we move through our self limiting, imaginary restrictions?

I enjoy playfully exploring different types of altered states of consciousness.

You can often find me riding the cosmic waves of eternal energetic intelligence as and through being the vibration of Love.

I’m fully content to be in the darkness alongside our clients guiding them deeper into the fire to burn up their egoic misconceptions and integrate those shadows as a divine power source! 

I also like chocolate chip cookies.  Delicious, crispy chocolate chip cookies! 

Hi, I’m Marla…

Through my years advising visionary leaders on how to amplify their impact, to working as a doula supporting couples through the birthing process and beyond, to serving on the Board of Directors for two LAUSD Charter schools consulting on their sex education curriculum, the throughline for everything I do in the world is how I BE from moment to moment… 

I am the vibrational frequency of love.

A soft place to land with your vulnerable share, I am a loving, nurturing, and sweet lifemaster who will gently lead you into your own darkness and reflect for you with love how to precisely accept, appreciate and integrate your shadows as a power source for your growth and transformation.

I am a soul architect and I see how to weave the patterns of your life to guide you to fulfill your destiny of greatness.

I’m also a powerful woman who will lovingly annihilate anything other than universal truth with a Kali energy in service to the vision flowing through you.

Oh, and by the way, I love to do handstands in my rollerblades. 

“We practice everything we teach. Our lives are a continuous workshop for living unapologetically with kindness, passion, purpose, and play. We believe that integrating all of who we are… the dark, ugly parts as well as our strengths and bright sides… is where the power emanates from in love and business. Metaphorically, we sweep the front porch each day to live in present time with each other, which creates a life of abundance and ease.”

Where Magic Meets Science

The Intimacy Experts operate as “Chief Advisors” behind the scenes, leading their visionary clients courageously into the shadows, the dark crevices, the blindspots, and shining a light on all they never knew was holding them back, while keeping their team up to speed on how to best support their fearless leader. 

This divine partnership has come together to guide individuals and couples into the darkest, unconscious parts of themselves. To illuminate the unconscious patterns that have been steering the ship behind the scenes.

It’s in the revealing of these patterns that, with the love, support and guidance of two visionaries who have already walked the path, those who come searching are able to: 


Uncover the actionable steps they need to take to realize their untapped potential. 


Access and experience a new level of elegance and ease in manifestation.


 Strengthen their vision to the point it becomes unbreakable.



Become a living example of their work. 


Enjoy every single moment of growth, even when it’s challenging.


Oh… and get paid for doing exactly what they love



Julian Colker and Marla Mattenson, The Intimacy Experts, are internationally celebrated visionaries. Drawing from a unique background in neuroscience, mathematics and emotional intelligence, Julian & Marla guide visionaries to face their shadow to live in harmony behind the scenes in both  relationship and business to amplify their impact, income, and intimacy. They have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Oprah, NBC, ABC, CBS, to name a few. Together, this powerhouse couple is co-creating a world where full expression, heartfelt appreciation, and wild play are the backbone of success in business and life.