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The 5-Day Lovers Play Challenge
What Do Long-Term Couples Who Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other Have In Common? 

And how you can go from feeling like glorified roommates — to whispering to your friends that the sex just keeps getting hotter and you feel more in love than ever.

We’re going to show you in just 6 short weeks, inside
The Lovers Play Course! 

What Do Long-Term Couples Who Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other Have In Common?

And how can you go from feeling like glorified roommates — to whispering to your friends that the sex just keeps getting hotter and you feel more in love than ever.

We’re going to show you in just
6 short weeks, inside
The Lovers Play Course! 

We all know at least one couple who are still in
ga-ga level love, even after all these years.
  • You can see the electricity between them. (And it’s not static cling.)
  • They get all sparkly when they talk about the other. 
  • And they’re still courting each other
    5, 10, even 50 years in.

Hold up. Before you think, “That’s nice for those [insert your favorite swear noun here], but we’ve — ahem, I’ve — already got a stack of relationship books, I’ve tried dropping hints, and there’s lingerie somewhere in the closet...” keep reading. 

Because even if you feel 98.9% certain that that kind of love life is only for newlyweds, made-for-TV-movies, and annoyingly cute couples on Instagram, there’s one thing that no one’s talking about.

And it involves literally NO "WORK."   

Let’s be real.
Who wants to “work”
on their relationship?

Especially when you’re both already beyond busy,
and it’s a miracle the houseplants are still alive.
(At least last time you checked.)

Scheduling sexy time isn’t *exactly* sexy, and if/when the time comes: 
  • One (or both) of you is too tired.
  • ​It takes a long time to get into it because you can’t turn off your to-do list.
  • ​It’s more routine than risqué. Do you really need to break out the sexy dice you got as a joke?
What’s it take to not just spice things up, but to become sexy best friends for life?

How do you get back to having dates
that rival the best RomComs?

  • To feel the tingle across the room, house, and even the planet..
  • Connect deeply, and surprise and delight each other no matter how long you’ve been together (way beyond conversations about chores, kids, and plain old venting)
  • Cuddle, hug, kiss, and “you know what” like that first hot month of dating.
  • ​Instantly diffuse those stressful, bickering moments and turn them into “Hey, babe, let’s do something new!” 
  • ​And get the FUN back?
We get it! You want to keep that sexy spark lit. 
So what, exactly, IS it?

How can you demystify the je ne sais quoi… and send your relationship into the stratosphere?

Give us 6 short weeks, and we’ll give you the relationship education you were never taught.


The Lovers Play Course

A 6-week online experience to feel like lovers again and have outrageous amounts of fun — in AND out of the sheets.

Inside, you’ll get:
  • 6 Lovers Play Modules showing you how to elevate your play in relationship and have more fun in and out of the sheets 
  • Play by Play Sexamples guaranteed to fire up the fun
  • Step-by-Step tools and communication practices to help you level-up and become sexy best friends
  • Yoga for Couples to start and end your day on the right track
  • On-Demand, lifetime access so you can grow your playful, passionate skills on your own schedule
THE Antidote to Boring Routines, Relationship Stress, and Sexless Nights.
For years, our high-powered clients came to us because they wanted fun, joy, and satisfying sex to come easily. 

They were smart. They were willing. But what they were trying on their own wasn’t working. 

So, we let them in on our little secret to success…
It’s PLAY!
At first, “play” might sound a bit simplistic, but we’re about to share how to make every day feel like way back when....

When you missed each other after 5 minutes and when things just felt easy and, dare we say, magical.

The truth is that very few people ever see healthy examples of long-term couples being playful with each other.

But think back to how fun and playful you were back in the early days of your relationship. 

You flirted. You did the unexpected. You surprised each other. You were fascinated by what the other person had to say.
The Lovers Play Course is the only program to focus on play as the primary vehicle for growth and expansion in relationships. 
It’s the only course to focus on play as the path for transforming conflict into connection. 

It’s the only program of its kind to leverage those everyday moments of “blah” into opportunities for fiery and fun connection.

And this is the first time we’ve created a way for you to get these skills from us — without being a one-on-one private client.

We can’t wait to show you how to create this level of joy with your beloved. In six months from now, you’ll be wanting to gush to everyone about how you flipped the script and feel like a totally new couple. 

You definitely want 
to work with them.

“Marla & Julian are the most epic couple ever! If you get a chance, you definitely want to work with them. Buckle your seat belt, your life’s about to get radically transformed in the best way!”

Dr. Erin Fall Haskell 
Doctor of Divinity
Founder of Soulciété & New Thought Global, TV Host Good Morning LaLa Land
What’s special about this experience is that it doesn’t give you a long list of things to add to your to-do list. 
In fact, you might feel like you have even more free time because you’ve got that neverending newlywed sparkle. 

Spend an hour a week with us, and you’ll get new tools to become more playful in everyday moments with your sweetie… and make unexpected magic in the bedroom. 

You’ll learn how to enjoy each other without adding time to the calendar, and relationship skills to:

  • Practice that eternal playfulness that fuels the fire without you feeling like you have to do anything “extra”
  • ​Open doors you thought were closed forever that amplify your connection
    (oh hey love sparks!) 💫
  • Diffuse tension quickly and in a playful way 
  • Communicate clearly through play that makes it feel easy and light 
  • Break the “date night” monotony and nourish your relationship in new ways
  • ​Grow an unbreakable Sexy Best Friend Bond 
  • ​Know how to effortlessly switch from “work mode” to “in the mood” 
Here’s what’s waiting for you inside THE LOVERS PLAY COURSE

Welcome the New, Fresh, and FUN 

  • Create those “never laughed so hard like this” moments.
  • Ditch your day’s stress with new tools (rather than piling it on your partner) so you can focus on what really matters: enjoying the love of your life.
  • Inspire each other to play in the deep end and rekindle that sexy-best friends vibe… We’ll show you how to make it snap back super quickly.
In this kick-off module, we’ll show you what most people never learn about creating a loving, sexy and supportive partnership. 

No slogging through endless processing or conversations where you don’t feel gotten or heard. We’ll show you how to make emotional intimacy happen on the spot — and feel practically effortless.

These tiny moments build up to deep satisfaction in the bedroom (Hello!) and carry over into all your other moments together.

Rediscover Your Sexy 

  • Develop that unshakable Sexy Best Friend Bond. (Guess what?! You already have it, and shaking it out is so much sexy fun.)
  • Get your partner on board and get more of those golden moments where you’re totally in sync with each other.
  • Keep the sparks soaring high and make it literally impossible to get bored with each other. 
In Module 2, we hand over the truth bombs that create lasting and lusty love. (Because birthday sex ain’t enough!)

We’ll show you how to get your partner to crave seeing you again (even when you’re literally in the next room). 

And once you learn about how to crank up the sexy best friend bond, get ready to experience the deepest level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual attraction there is. 

This is an experience you cannot miss... We’re talking a Princess Bride, pirates-can’t-keep-up-apart level of love!

Discover Your Pattern of Play 

  • Get conscious about patterns that are supporting — or slowing — the flow of fun, so you can hurry up and have more quality time with your adventure buddy! 
  • How one little shift in how you play together will take you barreling down the road to more joy, love, and p-p-pleasure in your Union.
  • Break free of your comfort zones and remember how thrilling a simple touch can be — even if that lovin’ feeling seems a zillion miles away at the moment.
In this module, you’ll learn how you can break out of your routine and make foreplay happen all! day! long!

You’ll get an advanced degree in shaking things up as you master the fun art of sexual edging. 

We’ll also give you word-for-word scripts for what to say when things are feeling funky — so you can expertly pivot and both get what you want!

Turn Conflict into Connection 

  • Turn any conflict into a fun game that you both get to win!
  • Find your silly as you become a master of de-escalating tense moments with the element of surprise
  • Access our proven communication strategies that lead to deep, deep intimacy
While conflict is bound to arise in any relationship, it doesn’t have to divide. In fact, when you know how to handle it, conflict can even be — gasp! — fun.

In this module, we’ll guide you through practices that help you turn conflict into a positive so you can come out on the other side as a stronger and more connected couple.

While you might not ever get to the point where you look forward to conflict, you’ll be able to flip it into profound bonding moments you can laugh about.

Keep the Fun Alive

  • Spark the flame for BOTH of you. Ever noticed how you and your partner don’t get turned on at the same time? Learn how this is an advantage!
  • Keep it fresh with a little nudge-nudge wink-wink from the Kama Sutra
  • Exxxpand your sexy play repertoire so you get the full spectrum from pureplay, to foreplay, sex, and post-play! 
Welcome to our sexiest module yet! 

You’ll get the low-down on sexy time tricks to get both of you to new levels of uninhibited intimacy. 

Hold on tight, we’re talkin’ deep space-level physical and psychological arousal.

The Secret to Fulfillment 

  • Make those happy moans happen over and over and over....
  • Exponentially multiply each other’s pleasure and get new ideas to playfully communicate your desires (and get them met!)
  • Expertly lead each other on the pleasure train as you make pleasure your new favorite pastime.
In our final module, we go behind the scenes to show you how to create a vortex of full bodied sexual release and sexual healing.

Bye-bye tired old routines! No more back and forth conversations where you ask, “What do you want to do tonight?... Um, I don’t know. What do YOU want to do tonight??” Desire needs mystery and this module explores how to keep that wonder and joy in the UNKNOWN with your lover. 

extra spice bundles

The 5 Extra Spice Bundles are Guaranteed
to Get You & Your Sexy BFF Purring

Play by Play Sexamples

Each module comes with a detailed and inspired sexample to give you a hands-on experience in the course. It’s time to turn off your phones and welcome these steamy new practices to your repertoire. 

From the “Lovers Massage” to “Captured by a Supervillain”, our six sexiest sexamples are guaranteed to fire up the fun and make magic happen in the bedroom. Plus, the “Blindfold Experiment” is one our clients can’t stop talking about. 

Your Personalized Sexy Playlist

You don’t have to start from scratch to get that coveted “sexy best friend bond” when you have a running list of sexy ways to play with each other. Yes, your partner is your best friend, and with this playlist, you’ll have endless ideas to keep things sizzling. Throughout the course, you’ll keep building your own playlist as you add to a long list of activities you cannot wait to try! 

The Listening Cure 

Ever feel like your partner just isn’t listening?! Finally feel truly heard and listened to with our breakthrough communication practice we call the Share & Scribe. This healing technique is one our clients can’t stop talking about. In just 20 minutes, you could find the connection and relief you’ve been searching for. This elegant yet easy guided practice of listening to each other is about to become your relationship bedrock.

Heart-to-Heart Breathwork

Words aren’t the only way to connect! In fact, 93% of communication is non-verbal. It’s time to amp up your non-verbal with a high-vibe connection. In this Extra Spice activity, we’ll walk you through heart-to-heart breathwork that’s guaranteed to leave you de-stressed so you can connect on a positive, passionate, and vibrant level.

Yoga for Couples

For a deeper, more sensual, central connection with each other (that isn’t sex, but ultimately helps “get you there”), we have a special guest training from Caley Alyssa who will teach you how to start or end your day on the right track together with some simple stretches. PLUS, she’ll also walk you through a 20-minute yoga sequence for couples that focuses on one of you at a time (it’s a pampering and connection yoga win for beginner levels and on!). 

3 months of LIVE Q&A calls

Got questions about your relationship? Maybe you can’t quite figure out how to ask for what you want. How do you sidestep an old relationship pattern that’s bugged you for years? How do you take everything you’re learning and apply it to YOUR unique situation? These monthly live calls are your chance to get laser coaching from Julian and Marla… it’s time to get the experts’ eyes on your relationship!

One of the best parts of being in a group is that you learn SO much from hearing what others have to say. It’s stunning how much you can heal just by seeing that you’re not the only one and other people’s lightbulb moments become yours, too. This is how you make a quantum leap in your relationship so you can get to that full-time playful way of life! 

Psst.... This kind of access is usually only reserved for our VIP clients and is unlikely to be offered again.

Hi! We’re Marla and Julian, The Intimacy Experts. 

Two playful, wickedly in love people who know that
happier lovers = happier planet. 

In our private practice, we’re the chief advisors for powerful visionaries to guide them into their own greatness. We shine a light on their blindspots, integrity breaches, and any energetic chaos going on behind the scenes. 

We’ve seen countless couples go from feeling ‘so-so’ to spectacular. And we want that for YOU and your relationship. 

Previously, the only way we worked with clients was in private sessions with a monthly retainer. 

Now we’re bringing this razzle-dazzle to even more couples in The Lovers Play Course, so you can have more love, more flirtiness, and feel like you’ve got a secret… it’s how hot your LTR is!

The relationship of your dreams?

We’ll show you what’s possible — and how to GET it.

As a couple, we AMPLIFY each other’s best selves.

  • We level up WITH each other.
  • We have FUN in our relationship. 
  • We CONNECT easily.
  • We have passionate emotional and sexual INTIMACY
  • We revel in the FEEL-GOOD chemistry.
  • We continue to remove family lineage patterns, and to look for opportunities to close integrity gaps.
  • We inspire each other to continue to be our best.
  • We’re psychically connected, and we love being so in tune.
  • Everything we do revolves around Grace Ease Joy and Flow.
  • And it’s EASY… so we keep doing it!
When couples are living playful, joyous, sexy lives behind the scenes it has a positive impact on everything… your home, family, friends, community, and the world. 
The Lover’s Play Course is a brand new format of the work we’ve been doing for decades. 
We’re so excited to unleash the Lovers Play Course into the world! We know it’s going to change relationships for thousands of couples.

AND here’s the coolest part…. It’s going to create a new model for sexy, healthy, playful relationships that will ripple into future generations.

Marla and Julian’s playfulness and laughter
is contagious.

“Marla and Julian’s love is palpable. Their playfulness and laughter is contagious. What I love most about them is the way they stand by each other. They are beautiful advocates for each other’s best interest, higher self, and wholeness. 

I’ve known them as dear friends and colleagues for many years. I love the way they continually explore life, deeper love, and greater potential. (Just how good it CAN get.) The sacredness of their love and relationship is beautiful!

Because of how they personally live, I highly recommend them as guides for learning and exploring about love, both deeper self-love and in relationship.”

Shellie Nelson 
Celebrity Spiritual Advisor
They helped us grow
as a couple and individually.

"Marla is PURE MAGIC! She’s charismatic, powerful, loving, strong, and she does not let you hide from anything. We love her playful nature and her innate ability to draw absolutely anyone out of their shell. 

Julian is such a reflector!! Whatever we bring to the table, he shines it right back on us. And we see an embodied, loving, and STRONG man who speaks succinctly and with great compassion. 

Together these two are a beautifully unified force spreading light wherever they go. They have helped us grow as a couple and individually, and for that we will forever be grateful.”

Caley Alyssa & Ben Harrison
Yoga teacher and embodiment business coach
They've helped me understand
in ways that many could not.

“Marla and Julian are the truth! They are literally the perfect mix between deep practical wisdom and Lightworker flow. They've helped me understand me in ways that many could not. If you're thinking about working with them, jump now!”

Preston Smiles
Author, speaker, embodiment coach
A new standard
of integrity
in relationships

“Marla and Julian hold a new standard of integrity in relationships. Extraordinary communication, utter transparency, fierce loyalty, complete integrity, and continually continuing to do the deep work within yourself for more genuine, authentic, empowered connection.”

Michelle Sorro
Transformational Trainer and Digital CEO
Add everything in the
Lovers Play Course up? 

That’s over $10,000 in value!

Price: $1,997 $497

4 Monthly Payments of


ONE-TIME Payment of


100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

**Please note! This special intro price for the Lover’s Play Course
will not be offered again. It expires February 24th at 11:59pm PT** 

If you’re feeling excited for it, now’s the time!

100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
The Lovers Play Course has the power to change the entire trajectory of your relationship and, as a result, your lives. 

We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value, so we’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s how it works. 

If within thirty days you consume the content and try the exercises, and are not fully satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. Simply email our team, and you’ll be eligible for a refund. 

"The Intimacy Experts CEO, Marla Mattenson, has brought integrity, passion, and professionalism to our Governing Board deliberations and process. As, a Board member of a non-profit that serves Los Angeles most vulnerable students, we could not ask for a better leader on our governing board."

Cesar Lopez 
Executive Director
PazLo Education Foundation
APEX Academy - Matrix for Success Academy

"I adore Marla and Julian, a.k.a. The Intimacy Experts. They are generous, grounded, loving and smart people and my life continues to be enriched by their presence."

Paul Selig
Conscious Channel
Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I access the content? 

When you join The Lovers Play Course (TLPC), you’ll get private login information via email with all the details you’ll need to access the content. We host our course content on the private platform Thinkific. You’ll receive instant full access to the six modules of TLPC so you can enjoy it weekly over 6 weeks, or binge the content over 6 days for those of you who like intensity!

What if our relationship is on the rocks?

The Lovers Play Course (TLPC) home-study program is designed for partnerships who want to grow beyond their current circumstances. TLPC is designed for couples, yet when one of you is wanting to take the lead in moving beyond "being on the rocks" with our uplifting, lighthearted techniques in the privacy of your own home, your relationship Union will benefit greatly. TLPC is an aligned companion to relationship therapy with a licensed professional; in fact, combining TLPC with therapy is a winning combo!

What if I have questions along the way? 

Glad you asked! We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Simply email us here [email protected] for customer support. 

What if my partner isn’t on board?

While we do encourage you to invite your partner, we also believe a rising tide lifts all ships. If you enroll in The Lovers Play Course solo, you will discover more enjoyment in the relationship, and your partner and your relationship Union will benefit.

My partner and I are busy. How much time should we set aside each week?

The content will take about 20 minutes of your time to enjoy each module and you can set aside as much time as you’d like to play. Plus, you get lifetime access to The Lovers Play Course material for continual playful practice for years to come.

What’s your Refund policy? 

You’re covered with a 100% risk-free guarantee when you join. If, within thirty days, you consume the content and do the exercises, and are not fully satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. Simply email our team with the next steps. 

I’m single. Is this for me?

If you are genuinly interested in learning how to have truly Legendary Love, then yes! Being single and purchasing The Lovers Play Course (TLPC) will give you insight into techinques to have a phenomenal relationship. While TLPC is specifically designed for couples, we’re excited for your present and future wins. Please send us a private message at [email protected] if you are single and choose to enroll in TLPC! We would love to support you.

Is this for LGBTQIA+ friendly?

Yes! All couples in a relationship Union are welcome. While we (Marla & Julian) are a heterosexual couple we’ve done our best to be inclusive and consider all couples. And our concepts work for all loving partnerships. We value all couples who are on the path of growth.

We aren’t in an entrepreneurial relationship… is this still for us?

Yes! The Lovers Play Course (TLPC) home-study program also serves couples who aren’t in business together. While we (Marla & Julian) are known as the Intimacy Experts for entrepreneurial couples, TLPC is for any couple who wants to enhance their journey to practice being unguarded and receptive together. Entrepreneurial couples tend to be willing to take risks, try new things, look at challenging truths, take aligned action, and without waiting for the excuse to be "ready." The Messy Middle (one of our teachings) is where entrepreneurial couples thrive, and this these traits of growth are not exclusive to entrepreneurs. Anyone can grow in an entrepreneurial mindset. Come join us!

Will we get one-on-one advice from Marla & Julian? 

The content is loaded with our guidance and teachings for couples. If you should have questions along the way, simply email at [email protected], our team for support!

When does the experience begin? 

Immediately! When you enroll in The Lovers Play Course (TLPC), you get instant access to all six of the content modules! TLPC is an at-home study program, and you can enjoy at your own pace. We suggest working through the modules week by week, according to your availability.
Give this ONCE in a lifetime opportunity a shot TODAY if… 
  • You don’t want to wait another year for the “right” moment to level up the love and create a healthier, happier, and sexier bond with your partner.
  • ​This is your best friend and the light of your life! 
  • ​It’s time to discover how to best serve the relationship in playful, sexy, and fun ways that bring joy into your day-to-day experience, so that one year from now you’re building the happy, sexy life you want together. 
  • ​This means acknowledging where you are TODAY so that you can move forward with grace, ease, joy, and flow. 
  • ​In 6 months, we want you to look back and see exponential growth. The Lovers Play Course will help you ramp up the love, pleasure, awe, and delight in your relationship… in and out of the bedroom.
  • ​You can have a sexy, exciting, and vibrant relationship for years to come! 
Six weeks to a more deeply connected love story? And that leads to more fun and satisfaction in the bedroom? 
Who wouldn’t want that!? 
We have experienced first-hand what it’s like to feel stuck in a relationship.

And we can say with absolute certainty that The Lovers Play Course will transform your relationship.
We’re The Intimacy Experts here to serve you as educators and mentors with a deep commitment to helping couples grow healthy, vibrant relationships. 

The strategies we teach are a way to more…

...freedom in relationship
...speaking from the heart
...wonder and joy
...expanding your capacity to give and receive
...up-leveling your relationship

And the list goes on and on.

We believe that when couples are living playful, joyous, sexy lives behind the scenes, it has a positive impact on their home, family, friends, community, and the world. 

If you want to learn new and refreshing ways to keep the fire, up the fun, and get your sexy back, then The Lovers Play Course is for YOU. 

You WILL experience a difference.  

You WILL get a true taste for what is possible and feel the magic again when you lead with play.  

We are deeply honored to guide you over the next 6 weeks and we’re looking forward to meeting you inside The Lovers Play Course. 

Here’s to more Lovers’ Play… every day, 

✨ Marla & Julian ✨

Join the Lovers Play Course
Price: $1,997 $497

4 Monthly Payments of


ONE-TIME Payment of


100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

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